Big Waffle Blocks

Big Waffle Blocks are one of flag Marioinex products. The sets contain characteristic elements in the shape of check (with 10 insets and 4 holes) and additional elements in different shapes and colours. Besides constructional elements, there are also beautiful animals, basis for creating bigger constructions, numbers and letters. The company also has blocks with Braille’s alphabet.

They are all made of non-toxic, flexible plastic that is recyclable. With the use of Big Waffle blocks you can encourage your child to have healthy, creative fun, and even learn. They have an exceptionally positive impact on children. They are appreciated by boys and girls.

Lots of creative possibilities

Marioinex Big Waffle blocka offer lots of creative possibilities. They allow for setting various constructions and then are great for playing. They help to develop psychomotorics at 2+ children and to calm down effectively. Thanks to them, kids exercise patience and precision. Building with the blocks stimulates creativity and spatial imagination.

Playing with Marioinex Big Waffle blocks can be very creative and beneficial for the proper development of a child. Such toys are ideal for overstimulated children that are surrounded by aggressive multimedia.

Marioinex Big Waffle Blocks

Marioinex Big Waffle Blocks are made in Poland by a family company with traditions. They have been designed as fully safe for the children and environment. They are characterised of the highest quality and interesting, friendly design.

Marioinex products have been appreciated in many different contests, receiving awards e.g.: “Toy of the Year” and the first award in “Child- Friendly World”. Their features are appreciated by the best pedagogists and specialist in the brand. Have you got any questions concerning Marioinex Big Waffleblocks? Do not hesitate to contact us.