Junior Blocks Bricks

Junior Blocks- Bricks are a smaller version of elements that are accessible in the offer of Marioinex (11,5 cm x 5,7 cm x 3,5 cm). They have special insets and holes that can be connected together in many different ways. They are perfect to make diverse constructions.

They are made of light plastic that is non-toxic and recyclable. Junior Blocks- Bricks can be used by 1+ kids, as they are completely safe. They reveal high mechanical resistance and harmful factors tolerance, that is why they can also be used outside. They are also easy to clean- it is enough to use a wet cloth and soap.

Offers kids a lot of fun

Marioinex Junior Blocks- Bricks make an interesting toy that gives children a lot of fun and has a positive impact on them. Building with the blocks is a great psychomotor activity, as it helps to develop hand-to-eye coordination.

Making constructions stimulates creativity and spatial imagination. At the same time, a child can train, among others, precision, patience and social skills, such as teamwork. Junior Blocks- Bricks can be used for building constructions but can also be used while playing. Because they are quite durable, a child can sit on them, climb them etc.

Marioinex Junior Blocks- Bricks

Marioinex Junior Blocks- Bricks are 100% made in Poland. They are created by a company with traditions, that generation after generation has been trying to create products that satisfy kids and their parents. We design each toy with care, so that it is functional, safe and aesthetic.

Our work has been awarded in such contests as: “Toy of the Year” and “Child- Friendly World”. If you have any questions and want to know Junior Blocks- Bricks better, please contact us.