Building blocks – Bricks

Building blocks- Bricks are the building elements in a classic form of really big dimensions. Thanks to insets and holes, they can be connected together and create spatial constructions.

They are made of light, soft and completely safe plastic that can be recycled. They are suitable for all kids, starting from an infant. Building blocks- Bricks are eagerly used by both: boys and girls. Because they are easy to clean, we can use them at home and outside.

Develop hand-to-eye coordination

Marioinex Building blocks – Bricks make every playing or classes at playschool real fun. While building with them, kids have lots of fun but also develop their psychomotorics and hand-to-eye coordination. Due to the fact that we can use them to build many different constructions, they develop creativity and spatial imagination. They help to exercise precision, patience and teamwork etc.

What is more, Marioinex Building blocks- Bricks fulfil the role of props in further playing. Some sets contain additional elements, such as windows and doors. All parts are durable, so that you can sit on them or climb them and they provide you with lots of possibilities.

Marioinex Building blocks – Bricks

Marioinex Building blocks – Bricks are a 100% Polish product. We are a family company that has been creating toys that are children and environment friendly. This way they are aesthetic, safe and functional.

Our efforts have been appreciated by the jury of many prestigious contests, such as “Toy of the Year” and “Child- Friendly World”. Would you like to know more about Marioinex Building blocks- Bricks? Contact us.