Classic Blocks

Classic Blocks have simple shapes and are made of certified plastic. Due to proper structure of insets and holes, you can connect them together in many different ways that offers a range of possibilities and stimulates imagination. The rubber used here is non-toxic and recyclable, that makes blocks ideal for 3+ kids.

Classic Blocks are available in five different dimensions and various colours, so you can create many interesting constructions. Building with blocks engages kids, but older siblings, or even parents, will also enjoy the activity and feel encouraged to play together.

Beneficial impact on child’s development

Marioinex Classic blocks are simple toys that have a very beneficial impact on child’s development. They soothe small children who are nowadays overstimulated by various multimedia. The blocks quieten and teach precision and patience. They also help to practice psychomotorics and develop creativity and spatial imagination. Children can build various constructions that can later become elements of further playing. Ready constructions are lasting, have smooth edges and are flexible. Classic blocks are eagerly used by both: boys and girls.

Marioinex Classic Blocks

Marioinex Classic Blocks are made in Poland with respect to the most important needs and expectations of the youngest users. Our products have been appreciated by specialists in many prestigious contests and received, among others, the award “Toy of the Year” and “Child- Friendly World”. Not only are they exceptional due to the highest quality but also have functional and aesthetic design.

You can easily wash them with soap and water. Classic blocks are 100% recyclable – they are not plastic casted but made of modern ecological material. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for traditional blocks that will have positive impact on your kid. Would you like to get more information? Please contact us.