Containers for toys, baskets for toys

Containers for toys to keep order in a child’s room and also make the decor more attractive. They are useful for carrying accessories and their segregation, that is why they can be placed in a kindergarten.

Marioinex offers exceptional solution that helps to create own containers for toys that can be connected together in many different ways. All parts are made of durable plastic. It is non-toxic, 100% recyclable and completely safe for the youngest children. It is easy to clean: enough to use a wet cloth.

More than simple accessories for a kid’s room

Marioinex containers for toys mean much more than just a simple accessory for a child’s room. They can teach a child that order must be kept and things put where they belong. Sets can be made of single elements that is great fun itself. A growing child can make bigger containers e.g. for shoes and books.

The parts can also help to set many constructions, among others, a mini bookshelf, shelf, seat or table. This way a child exercises his/her psychomotorics and develops creativity and spatial imagination. The functionality of containers for toys is increased by additional accessories such, as e.g. wheels, handles and locks.

Marioinex containers for toys

Marioinex containers are manufactured in Poland by a family company with traditions. Our mission is to create products for children that meet their needs and expectations. They provide a lot of fun and contribute to kids’ healthy growth.

The design and making of our products have been appreciated by happy parents, specialist and by the children themselves. We have received many prestigious awards in such contests as: “Toy of the Year” and “Child- Friendly World”. Would you like to know more about Marioinex containers for toys? Contact us.