Maxi Waffle Blocks

Maxi Waffle Blocks are the biggest type of Marioinex flag product. A single element in the shape of a check is 31,5 cm high and wide. Thanks to 10 insets and 4 holes, the colour parts can be connected together in many different ways, creating two- and three dimensional constructions.

They are made of durable, slightly flexible plastic that is fully biodegradable. Maxi Waffle Blocks can be used by 2+ children, as they are completely safe. They are suitable for playing at home and outside. They are water resistant and can be easily cleaned if dirty.

Train visual and spatial intelligence

Marioinex Maxi Waffle blocks help to make different constructions that means a lot of fun for kids. Thanks to them, children can joyfully play, but also develop psychomotorics, spending their free time in an active way. Additionally, such an activity stimulated imagination and creativity, as well as trains visual and spatial intelligence.

Building with the blocks is a pleasant activity itself and ready constructions can become the element for further playing. As they are quite durable, you can sit on or climb them. This way with the use of Maxi Waffle blocks kids will willingly construct a house, castle, ship, space shuttle and anything else they can think of. The elements are soft and finished smoothly, so they are not dangerous for the kids.

Marioinex Maxi Waffle Blocks

Marioinex Maxi Waffle Blocks are manufactured in Poland by a family company with traditions. They are designed to satisfy the needs of children and parents. What distinguishes them is their high quality and functional design. That is why they have been recognised by best specialists.

Marioinex products have received many awards, such as in the prestigious contests, among others: “Toy of the Year” or “Child- Friendly World”. The awards and certificates are the best brand recommendation. Choose Maxi Waffle blocks, if you are concerned with your child healthy and happy growth. Have you got any questions? Please consult us.

  • Waffle Maxi 24 pcs.


    Giant blocks in the shape of our flagship Mini Waffles! These blocks are packed in a cardboard box wich contains 24 elements in four basic colours with dimensions of 31.5…

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