Micro Waffle Blocks

Micro Waffle blocks are flat, small elements in the shape of a prefix, that due to insets and holes can be connected together in many different ways. They are made of durable, flexible plastic that in non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Thanks to this, they are safe for 5+ children. Micro Waffle blocks can fulfil kids’ free time.

Not only does the activity of building with the blocks mean playing but also it contributes to a healthy psychomotor development of a child. The blocks are intended for setting images along with the attached guide but can also be used for own creations.

Develop hand-to-eye coordination

Marioinex Micro Waffle blocks are simple toys that have a very positive impact on children. They develop had-to-eye coordination, activate working memory and help to train, among others: concentration, precision, shapes and colours recognition. They also calm an overstimulated child down. Micro Waffle blocks can be set according to the model in order to make a nice animal, figure, vehicle or house. The offer includes proposals for boys and girls but also universal options. After connecting a few sets, a child can try to create own compositions that will additionally awaken his/ her creativity and imagination. A ready construction is quite durable, so it will also work as additional element while playing.

Marioinex Micro Waffle Blocks

Marioinex Micro Waffle Blocks are 100% made in Poland by a family with traditions. They are designed to reflect the needs and expectations of children. What distinguishes them is their high quality and well-thought, friendly design. What is more, they are easy to be kept clean and safe for environment- the boxes used by the company, as well as the blocks themselves are recyclable.

Micro Waffle Blocks have been appreciated by top specialists and have received many awards in prestigious contests such as, among others: “Toy of the Year” or “Child- Friendly World”.

If you are concerned about your kid’s healthy, appropriate development, choose simple and safe toys. In case you had any questions concerning our products, please contact us.