Mini Waffle Blocks

Mini Waffle Blocks have a flag shape of a waffle and are made of flexible plastic. They have 10 insets and 4 holes. Thanks to this, they can be connected freely as puzzles and create various 2D and 3D constructions.

The material used during their production is fully renewable in the process of recycling and completely safe for children. It resembles rubber in touch and is flexible. Mini Waffle Blocks can be used by 3+ children. Building with the blocks can also make parents and older siblings happy.

Stimulate creativity and imagination

Marioinex Mini Waffle Blocks guarantee amazing, relaxing and silencing fun. They also have a very beneficial impact on children’s development. Creating less or more complicated constructions helps to exercise psychomotorics, but also stimulates creativity and spatial imagination. Kids can make houses, vehicles, animals etc., according to the guide, or independently create their own constructions.

Simple, classic colours make the look of the blocks attractive. Building with Mini Waffle blocks together with others also helps to practice social skills, such as teamwork, compromising and sharing toys.

Marioinex Mini Waffle Blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle Blocks are fully manufactured in Poland with respect to the highest standards. Their quality, interesting design and exceptional functionality have been appreciated in many prestigious contests. Marioinex products have been recognised and awarded in such contests as: “Toy of the Year” and “Child- Friendly World”. Such a recognition makes the best recommendation, as many renown specialists compose the jury.

Do you want your child to spend time in a healthy and safe manner and develop while playing and having fun? Choose simple and modern Mini Waffle blocks by Marioinex. In case you had any questions or needed advice, please contact us.