Mini Waffle EDU blocks

Mini Waffle EDU blocks are the sets of cards with developing activities and elements in a characteristic shape of a “waffle”, i.e. “check” with four holes and ten insets. All the parts are made of the materials of the highest quality, with respect to children aged 3+.

To produce Mini Waffle EDU blocks we use safe, ecological plastic. It is soft, flexible and especially resistant to mechanical damages. It is also recyclable. It is resistant to frequent play and it is easy to keep clean- the blocks can be washed with water, also in a washing machine (w 30°C , low speed).

Marioinex Mini Waffle EDU blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle EDU blocks allow to connect play and learning. The sets are used to do simple activities that are written on big charts. They are about imitating, completion and continuing the sequences of created elements. They stimulate left brain hemisphere and train logical thinking and sights synthesis. They also have an impact on remembering the linear habit of tasks performance.

The second type of tasks with the use of Marioinex Mini Waffle EDU blocks supports the development of spatial imagination, also helping to master precision and motor skills (hand and fingers mobility)

Marioinex Mini Waffle EDU blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle EDU blocks are a Polish product that is produced by a Polish family company that for years has been producing toys for children. They have been made with the highest attention to details, with consideration of children and parents, as well as the environment.

Their design and quality of performance are appreciated by best specialists, including pedagogists and psychologists. The best recommendation are the awards given in such contests as, among others, “Toy of the Year” and “Child Friendly World”. Have you got any questions concerning Marioinex Mini Waffle EDU blocks? Contact us!


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