Mini Waffle constructor blocks

Mini Waffle constructor blocks are sets of various elements that allow to create simple buildings, vehicles and objects etc. Basic parts have the shape of a „waffle”, i.e. checks with 4 holes and 10 insets. They can be connected and with other elements made of soft, flexible material. Non-toxic material has been used to make Mini Waffle constructor blocks.

It is completely safe for children, ecological and recyclable. All elements are nice in touch and resistant. Their shapes and dimensions are adjusted, so that they are suitable for 3+ kids. They are resistant to frequent play and they can be easily cleaned with the use of water.

Marioinex Mini Waffle constructor blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle constructor blocks make an excellent toy for creative children. Using the blocks, a child can make objects according to the manual that is attached to the packaging and create own, unique projects. In such a way children develop imagination and visual- spatial intelligence.

They also quieten, train precision and patience. Playing with Marioinex Mini Waffle Construktor blocks is a perfect psychomotor activity. It contributes to healthy and happy kid’s development. It also has a positive impact on overstimulated kids who are tired, due to constant contact with the omnipresent multimedia.

Marioinex Mini Waffle constructor blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle constructor blocks are a 100% Polish product. They are made in a family company that for years has been creating products that are adjusted to the needs of the youngest children. They are appreciated by pedagogists and other specialist experienced in working with small kids.

Their high quality has been appreciated with awards in such contests as “Toy of the Year” or “Child’s Friendly World”. Have you got any questions concerning Marioinex Mini Waffle constructor blocks? Contact us!