Mini Waffle standard blocks

Mini Waffle standard blocks are sets composed of basic elements of one of the most popular series by Marioinex. There are tens to hundreds pieces in a characteristic shape of a „check”. Thanks to insets and holes, they can be connected in any way in order to create different 2D and 3D constructions.

They are nice in touch and very resistant. Special plastic is used for the production of Mini Waffle standard blocks. It is non-toxic, completely safe for 3+ kids and 100% recyclable. It is also easy to keep clean, as it can be washed in water and in a washing machine.

Marioinex Mini Waffle standard blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle standard blocks can be used independently or as a completion to the already owned sets. They guarantee excellent play and have a very positive impact on children. Setting tiny elements together is an excellent psychomotor activity, as it helps to train hand-eye coordination and supports concentration, precision and patience.

Since with the use of Marioinex Mini Waffle standard blocks a child can create many objects, children who create new constructions develop creativity, imagination and spatial intelligence. Ready constructions are excellent also for further play as practical buildings, figures and vehicles.

Mini Waffle standard blocks

Mini Waffle standard blocks are a product that is completely manufactured in Poland, from the materials received from verified sources. Marioinex is a family company that for years has been creating items ideally adjusted to the needs of the youngest children.

Their design and final product have been appreciated in the prestigious contests such as, among others, “Child Friendly World” or “Toy of the Year”. They are also recommended by trade specialists, influencers and known parents. Want to know more about Mini Waffle standard blocks? Contact us!