Mini Waffle thematic blocks

Mini Waffle thematic blocks are the sets of elements that are designed for creating specific objects, among others, buildings and vehicles. They are composed of parts in a characteristic shape of a „check” and other additions. Their shapes and dimensions are adjusted to 3+ kids. To produce Mini Waffle thematic blocks we use soft, flexible and especially durable plastic.

The material is completely safe for kids and the environment, as it is non-toxic and recyclable. The blocks reveal high resistance to mechanical damages and humidity etc. They can be washed with the use of water, that is why it is so easy to keep them clean.

Marioinex Mini Waffle thematic blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle thematic blocks make sets with options ideal for boys and girls, as well as universal sets. In the offer you can find, among others, a mini fire truck, a princess’ castle or a farm. The toys give kids a lot of joy and have a very positive impact on them. Building is an excellent psychomotor activity, as it helps to train patience, precision, eye-hand coordination etc.

Mini Waffle thematic blocks can be used to create props for further play. They can also serve for creating different constructions. They stimulate imagination and creativity of children who create new adventures and scenarios.

Marioinex Mini Waffle thematic blocks

Marioinex Mini Waffle thematic blocks are a Polish product that is manufactured in a family company with traditions. The blocks are carefully designed and made in such a way that they are friendly to the youngest children. They are appreciated by pedagogists, children’s psychologists and other specialists.

They have received many awards, among others in a contest „Toy of the Year” or „Child-Friendly World”. Have you got any questions concerning Mini Waffle thematic blocks? Contact us!