Mini Waffle Blocks Cosmic Base

Mini Waffle Blocks Cosmic Base is a set composed of hundreds of elements. Each block has a check pattern that allows to connect particular parts together. The set can make a big moon space and different vehicles, as well as other constructions and buildings. The blocks are made of durable, flexible plastic, that is hypoallergic, non-toxic and renewable.

They are of various shapes and sizes, so that can be used by 3+ kids. The set of Mini Waffle blocks Space Base is accompanied with a practical sack in which blocks can be comfortably kept, carried and washed. Dirty elements can be washed in a washing machine in order to clean them quickly (in max 30°C, low speed).

Space Base Mini Waffle

Space Base from Mini Waffle blocks make an ideal toy for small children who are interested in the world. Building itself is great fun, but, at the same time, it makes an excellent psychomotor activity.

Ready constructions and vehicles are also great for further play. A child develops imagination, creativity and visual-spatial intelligence. Space Base from Mini Waffle blocks is used by both: boys and girls. The set can be used in many ways, as it can be rebuilt in a way a kids want.

Marioinex Mini Waffle Blocks Space Base

Marioinex Mini Waffle Blocks Space Base are 100% Polish product –since the beginning of production they have been made in a family, local enterprise. They have been designed in order to meet all safety standards, as well as children’s expectations.

The products by Marioinex have been awarded many times in prestigious contests, such as e.g. “Toy of the Year” or “Kid’s Friendly World”. Do you want to know more about Marioinex Mini Waffle blocks Space Base? Contact us!


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