Plastic vehicles for children

Vehicles for children make a wide selection of toys, such as cars, grass mowers, fire trucks, trucks, trains, concrete mixers and other machines. They have wheels and movable elements. That is why they immediately attract children’s attention. They are made of flexible plastic that is non-toxic and recyclable.

Each model of the toy has been designed in such a way as to be the most interesting and, at the same time, the safest for 1+ or 2+ children. Among vehicles for children in our offer you can also find small models and larger options.

Encourages children to play actively

Marioinex vehicles for children are colourful, movable and have many additional interesting functions, so they easily encourage children to play. Using them, kids can practice psychomotorics and release energy in a healthy and safe manner. They also develop child’s imagination and stimulate creativity, as children come up with ideas of using them to play.

You can connect them with other products from the offer of Marioinex. Our vehicles for children are durable and resistant to any harmful factors, that is why they can also be used outside. They are easy to clean, as it is enough to use a cloth with warm water and delicate detergent.

Marioinex vehicles for children

Marioinex vehicles for children are a Polish product, manufactured by a Polish family company. We do our best to make our toys represent the highest quality of performance. They are safe, subject to the process of recycling and, most of all, adjusted to the needs of children.

They are appreciated by parents, specialists and children. Our products have received many prestigious awards such as, “Toy of the Year” and “Child- Friendly World”. If you are interested in Marioinex vehicles for children, please contact us.