Didactic Wheels


Product made for children of 24 months old and above.



There is nothing better than fun that entertains while teaching at the same time. This is the fun provided by MARIOINEX EDUCATIONAL WHEELS. Large, spacious structures can be built in various ways to give children great joy, while improving visual motor coordination and developing cognitive processes. They are an aid for memory, an ability to concentrate, and control.

The four main colors have been selected based on specialist advice, to prevent them providing too many stimuli and overstretching a child’s sensory capabilities.

The set is ideal at home, in preschool, and indoor playgrounds. It contains 36 building blocks each of a diameter of 24 cm.

Marioinex – toys safe for children

Marioinex educational toys are designed to be as friendly and safe for children as possible. They are made of a soft, flexible material and are pleasant to the touch. They have also passed all safety certification tests, and the colours used are soft and pleasing to the eye. MARIOINEX products have won awards such as Toy of the Year (Zabawka Roku) or for instance Child-friendly World (Świat Przyjazny Dziecku).


Advantages of the EDUCATIONAL WHEELS set:

  • as many as 36 large pieces!
  • development of cognitive processes, spatial perception, visual motor coordination, and ability to concentrate
  • it enables learning and development through play
  • it provides hours of fun
  • it is suitable for girls and for boys
  • it is 100% safe
  • innovative form of building blocks
  • building blocks made in Poland
  • blocks and packaging made of recyclable materials


Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 580 cm