Maxi Waffles


Giant blocks in the shape of our flagship Mini Waffles! These blocks are packed in a cardboard box wich contains 24 elements in four basic colours with dimensions of 31.5 x 31.5. The blocks are suitable for both open and closed space. There are 24 Maxi Waffles in a set.


MAXI WAFFLE provides the maximum amount of fun possible in building! The gigantic building blocks give children the opportunity to gain exceptionally valuable experiences. Not only is the construction process an attractive way of spending free time, it is also educational and an aid for better development. Little constructors will be eager to build houses and hideouts, treasure chests, and furniture that is almost true to size.

The set can be used in both open and closed areas, and is a popular choice among individual customers but also indoor playgrounds and for preschool, as an addition to their activities.

It consists of 4 basic colors and 24 pieces, and develops a child’s imagination and manual dexterity, and teaches logical thinking.

Marioinex MAXI series

The MAXI series is the largest variation on Marioinex Waffle build blocks. Its dimensions are 31.5×31.5 cm, and it is 4.5 cm thick. Due to the specially designed form, various methods can be combined, which means that the construction possibilities are endless.

Marioinex – toys safe for children

Marioinex educational toys are designed to be as friendly and safe for children as possible. They are made of a soft, flexible material and are pleasant to the touch. They have also passed all safety certification tests, and the colours used are soft and pleasing to the eye. MARIOINEX products have won awards such as Toy of the Year (Zabawka Roku) or for instance Child-friendly World (Świat Przyjazny Dziecku).

The advantages of the MAXI WAFFLE set:

  • as many as 24 huge pieces!
  • it prompts imagination and creativity
  • it enables learning and development through play
  • it provides hours of fun
  • it is suitable for girls and for boys
  • it is 100% safe
  • delightful play for children and adults
  • option of building in 2D and 3D
  • innovative form of building blocks
  • building blocks made in Poland
  • blocks and packaging made of recyclable materials

Additional information

Weight 11.63 kg
Dimensions 600 × 390 × 520 cm