Mini Waffle City Recycling Truck


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Mini Waffle City Recycling Truck – 148 pcs

It is long before dawn. While everyone in the city sleeps, two brothers start their day. Ben hops into the cabin of their truck, while Dan buttons up his overalls, smiling beneath his moustache – they are ready for a new workday.
They are on their way to visit each resident of Waffle City. By the end of the day, they will have chatted to everyone, collected all their rubbish, taken it to the recycling facility and sorted through it all. The city will stay clean thanks to the hard work of the Cleaning Brothers!With this set, build a modern recycling truck with an accessible hinged loading container and attachable street sweeping brushes, as well as the recycling station and waste sorting containers.

Meet two new characters – hard-working brothers, Ben and Dan! Set off on an adventure that will help introduce tidying and sorting to your children in a fun and enjoyable way.The recycling truck set contains 148 blocks and 2 original figures.Playing with Waffle Blocks is great for children in so many ways. The pleasing texture of the material and flexibility of the pieces is excellent for aiding the development of children’s small motor skills, while constructing the set by following the enclosed instructions is fantastic for encouraging a child’s logical thinking. Children can use the pieces to invent their own creations as well, stimulating their creativity and imagination.

Dan – the hard-working and diligent recycling truck operator, and boss of the Cleaning Brothers. Everyone in Waffle City knows and likes him. He’s always happy to chat and wish everyone a good morning!

Ben – the recycling truck driver, and Dan’s younger brother. He’s known as the funny one, and can also be a bit of a lazybones. Instead of working, he’d rather be entertaining the people of Waffle City with one of his funny stories. Luckily, Dan is always there to bring him back down to Earth!


Choking hazard. Small parts, not for children under 3 years. This product meets European safety standards. Remove the packaging material before you give the toy to your child. Please keep all the relevant information for future reference. Colours may be vary from the label.


Wash the toy with soap and running water.